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Anne Walters, MSN, CNM

Home Birth and Hospital Birth

About Anne

My practice is to encourage the woman and her family to feel empowered though out the child bearing year. I see my role as more of a support, rather than a manager of what should be a natural process. Nothing would please me more than if one of my ladies answered the question of who delivered the baby, if her answer was " I did but Anne was there to help if needed."

Midwifery has been my vocation for 25 years but before that I had many other interesting professional experiences. As a member of the first EMT class in New Jersey, I was disappointed to discover most municipalities would not accept female EMTs despite my qualifications.

A career as a Navy Corpsman beckoned and I received some really great training in ER, ICU and Primary Care. It was there where I discovered my love of nursing so after my four year enlistment was up I was accepted into the nursing program at Washington State University in Spokane.

After graduating with my BSN I specialized in ICU nursing until I had my first baby in an out of hospital birthing center in Spokane and my world was rocked! Transferred to OB nursing and never looked back.

In the meanwhile, my husband rejoined the Navy as a Nurse Corps Officer which meant we got to move frequently. I became a member of the US Army Reserve Nurse Corps and served till 2003 when I retired.

Finally my husband received orders to Long Beach California and I was accepted into the Midwifery program at USC. It was very challenging, even after being an OB nurse for 13 years, but so worthwhile. I knew I had found my niche.

My first 7 years as a midwife were spent in rural central California in a private practice that served a mixed population of poor and upper middle class ladies. Spanish became my second language and I was so glad for the 3 years of High School Spanish I took. The physician with whom I worked was very supportive and we learned a lot from each other. In 2000, I attended my 1000th birth! After that I quit counting.

In 2001 an opportunity arose wherein I could purchase the practice of a retiring midwife in Colorado where the Nurse Practice Act was more supportive of independent nursing. My husband had retired from the Navy by that time so it was his turn to follow me.

My first 5 years in Colorado, as a licensed independent professional, were quite educational as I had to learn the business side of running a practice in addition to practicing full scope midwifery (OB and GYN). I learned Mayan abdominal massage for pregnancy, Spinning Babies techniques for pregnancy and labor, aromatherapy and some hypnosis techniques. While attending the Mayan abdominal massage class in Belize, I learned how to make tinctures for various discomforts of pregnancy and offer them as needed for free.

In 2006, my malpractice company increased the annual premium to $40,000.00 ( and I had never been sued). That was too much so my partner and I sold our practices to Health One to start Midwifery Group at Swedish. Corporate medicine was not a good fit for me so I left in 2009 to join a new group All About Womens Care. We had a nice mix of doctors, midwives and nurse practitioners.

Home birth was one aspect of nursing I wanted to explore so I started helping out with a few and fell in love with the unstructured labors that usually went quite well. I was smitten. Unfortunately the malpractice company that we had at AAWC would not cover home birth.

So in 2017 I joined up with Janet Schwab to start To Each Her Own LLC.

We have a concierge type practice doing home births, hospital births at Swedish and well women care.

Please contact me at 303-396-4924 for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we'd be a good fit for each other. Partners and other family members are welcome to come too.


Denver, Colorado